Review: Goblin

Did not skip or fast forward any part of the 16 episodes (exclude episode 13.5 – Special edition).

The love line of the first line up and the second line up can be concluded as, Sad Love (bittersweet love). Really wonder from the beginning, how the Goblin and Goblin’s bride relationship will work. Only one immortal and another missing soul (Human).

The love and fate of Grim Reaper (Wang Yeo) and Sunny (Kim Sun) is sad yet really loving. Bringing the love to another level and love how the scriptwriter plot the ‘ending’.

A mixture of laughter and tears while watching this drama. Really amazed by how I can be moved to tears watching Goblin and Grim Reaper’s scene. How the plot twist and twist, many question marks while watching it. You really can’t miss a second of the show.

Not someone that will watch Korean dramas, but everyone is talking about it. The wardrobe of the actors, the storyline, the cast. And of course, it’s Gong Yoo’s drama! My previous best drama was also by him, ‘BIG’, a few years ago.

Conclusion, if you haven’t watch this, please start now! 🙂

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