Review: W – Two Worlds

I know, I know… This is not a recent drama and almost all the k-fanatic should have completed it last year.

This drama was released back in 2016, and there was a hype and trending conversations about it. Previously when I heard about the “comic” world and the real world, how they enter and exit, I was confused and really not keen to start.

However, after Channel U (Singapore Local Channel) aired the 2nd episode at 10 pm, I happened to catch it and really “WOAH” by the storyline. That is when I decided to start the ball rolling. And managed to complete the entire series within 3 days.

3 very mind f***ed days. It is a romantic thriller with a little amount of humor in it. But most of the time, I’m in a panic mode thinking the killer will appear anytime.

Favourite Kiss Scene

It got to be the one in the prison. Go catch it and you will understand.

Favourite Scene

When the female lead went back wanting to change the comic from a thriller read to a romantic story.

Scariest Scene

When the female lead’s dad got ‘faceless’ and lost his soul.


Not the best ending and honestly, I was “HUH? End already?” until the last second. I still like this drama, but my favorite still has to go back to Goblin.