Butterfingers Pancakes, Seoul

Interesting facts I found while going through their menu.

  • Refill – Common term, it means your drink is eligible for multiple refills.
  • Remake – appears for drinks like Cappuccino, Latte. Literally means you are eligible for refill just that they have to remake the drink.
Credits: @blairlhx

I would say that it is on the pricier point for the food especially the drinks if you take into account that you will not be refilling it. (E.g. the Cappuccino cost 8,500 won which is around SGD$10) 

We ordered 3 mains to share and honestly, I was really confused by the menu in the beginning. We did struggle a little to finish all of them.

Credits: @blairlhx

Our orders and these cost us around 48,000 won in total:

  • Buttermilk Pancakes (Maple syrup, apple and honey vanilla)
  • Banana nut Pancakes (Honey, raspberry, original butter)
  • Jennie’s French Toast Special (maple, scramble eggs, original butter)
  • Ice Cappuccino
  • Ice Cafe Mocha
Credits: @blairlhx

Will I go back again? I guess I will if I’m craving for good pancakes in Seoul.

Level 1, Butterfingers Pancake. Credits: @blairlhx

Address: 1317, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Nearest subway: Gangnam Station (강남), Exit 10
Direction: Walk straight once you exit until you see The Body Shop, make a left turn and continue to walk straight.

Credits: @blairlhx

They do have a few outlets in Korea that you can check it out here.

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