GOT7 Keep Spinning 2019 World Tour Dates

It’s definitely worth a full post about it! The world tour dates dropped at 12AM KST on 8 May 2019 and international ahgases went cray cray.

I would say it’s mixed emotions for those that will be seeing them, the cities that are not included and people like me, waiting and pinning hopes on the “AND MORE” button.

Possible dates for the “AND MORE”

Since they will be starting from Seoul on 15 June 2019, means they will be promoting SPINNING TOP: Between Security and Insecurity for at least 3 weeks.

The break between Santiago and Sydney is more than a month. But during the period, GOT7 Japan Tour 2019 starts from 30 Jul – 6 Aug. And Team Wang will be promoting separately in August.

Another big break is between Hong Kong and Amsterdam. Means AND MORE might occur during September 2019. If not, we are probably looking the dates in November onward.

To split the places further, LIVE NATION came out with the breakdowns.

North America – tickets are available from 17 May 2019

  • Newark – 27 Jun 2019
  • Toronto – 30 Jun 2019
  • Dallas – 3 Jul 2019
  • Los Angeles – 6 Jul 2019
  • Oakland – 10 Jul 2019

Latin America

  • Mexico City – 13 Jul 2019
  • Santiago – 16 Jul 2019


  • Sydney – 22 Aug 2019
  • Melbourne – 25 Aug 2019


  • Amsterdam – 8 Oct 2019
  • London – 11 Oct 2019
  • Berlin – 13 Oct 2019
  • Madrid – 16 Oct 2019
  • Paris – 19 Oct 2019


After the list of countries, dates and venue announced. International ahgases are working hard and even came out with a list of the capacity for each venue.

The smallest scale will be in Melbourne of 12K seats and most cities the venue is 20K seats.

Stay Updated

Source: @GOT7Official 

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