Review: ICAC Investigators 2019 廉政行動2019

No. of episodes: 5
Genre: Crime, Investigation, Drama, Business

Original network: TVB
Native title: 廉政行動2019

Honestly, I did not catch any previous ICAC series in the past. But something random hits me to start the short series. I did heard bad reviews and comments about the drama, but I’m thinking “Why not give it a shot?

What is ICAC?

ICAC is a short term for Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption, an independent department of the government.


In short, this is a drama to build and create awareness to the public. All 5 episodes showcase real cases that was cracked by the ICAC team in Hong Kong.

Since they are replicating the real case that happened, there are less drama involved between the actors. Easy watch drama that will interest you if you do want to find out more about the real cases.

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔 (3.5)

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