Review: From Beijing to Moscow 北京到莫斯科

No. of episodes: 13
Genre: Travel, Romance, Melodrama

Original network: Toggle Original
Native title: 北京到莫斯科

This is the final completed series from Aloysius before he leave us in Jan 2019.

The Story

After a car accident, Kai Xiang (acted by River Huang) lost his memories. Woke up with no memories of who he is, and the female stranger Xiao Qi (acted by Jo Jo Goh) claim to be his wife. Kenneth is his university friend he met in Beijing.

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To jog back his memory, Kai Xiang, Xiao Qi and Kenneth (acted by Aloysius Pang) went for a trip from Beijing to Moscow.

While piecing back his memories, he remembered his dark past and a mysterious woman in his life.

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Kloudiia sitting alone in the train cabin.

Love Square

Kai Xiang starts to remember memories but it all lead to Kloudiia (acted by Felicia Chin) and not his wife.

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Since the very first episode, you could tell Kenneth got the heart for Xiao Qi. After Kai Xiang lost his memories, Xiao Qi felt like she is in a one-sided love relationship.

Finding Kenneth to pour out her heart but not knowing that he totally understand and understand whatever she is going through.

Tracing back

While they are tracing back Kai Xiang’s memory, both Xiao Qi and Kenneth find their own answer.

It is not a happily ever after, but everyone discover their self and what they are actually finding.

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔

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