First impression: Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency drama poster

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Period

Native title: 조선혼담공작소 꽃파당
Original network: JTBC

The Flower Crew

The Flower crew is an trio matchmaker in the Joseon Dynasty. The three of them have their own strengths to connect fated male and female together. The Flower crew includes the brain and leader, Ma Hoon (acted by Kim Min Jae), Do Joon (acted by Byun Woo Suk) and Go Young Soo (acted by Park Ji Hoon, ex-Wanna One member).

Ill fate of the first love

Gae Ddong (acted by Gong Seung Yeon) is a survival who takes on any job in order to raise money for life and to find her missing older brother. Lee Soo / Kim Soo (acted by Seo Ji Hoon) is a blacksmith in the village where Gae ddong lives before he became the King of Joseon overnight.

Lee Soo wanted to marry Gae Ddong so he found the flower crew to help him out. However, things does not end well. Lee Soo was kidnap to the palace on the day of their wedding and Gae Ddong was left alone.

Lee Soo became the King of Joseon, but also a bird that is locked in the palace who desperately want to find a way back to Gae Ddong.

Gae Ddong – Noble woman?

Somehow Ma Hoon sympathize Gae Ddong and eventually recruited her into the Flower Crew Matchmaking Agency as the fourth member. Ma Hoon promise to help her find Lee Soo and also her lost elder brother.

Through different cases, the trio decide to help turn Gae Ddong into a noble woman.

It is pretty rare that I am attracted to period drama. Glad to say that up to the latest episode, I am still anticipating to find out “What’s next?

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