First impression: Vagabond (2019)

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Spy, Action

Native title: 배가본드
Original network: Netflix, SBS

The long-awaited drama finally aired! Even though I did not watch Gu’s Family book, I still look forward to seeing Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s pairing onscreen.

Cha Dal Gun (acted by Lee Seung Gi) started off as a stuntman in Korea but somehow this job is not stable. He raises his nephew, Cha Hoon, like his own after the death of his late brother. Something different will be, his nephew feels more like an adult than Dal Gun.

After a fight, Cha Hoon sets to go to Morocco but met a mysterious plane crash that brings him and the people from the same flight away.

Awaken tiger

After the mysterious death of Cha Hoon, Dal Gun has his mind set to solve the unsolved mystery. Chasing the guy he remembered seeing in Cha Hoon’s last video on the plane, he was shocked to see a survivor from the crash. Back to join the main group with all injuries still on, however, CCTV was altered and no one believes him.

Hidden Identity

Go Hae Ri (acted by Suzy) has multiple identity to cover her real job in NIS, a government agency of intelligent. With the help of Dal Gun, they soon identify the plane crash is an activity of terrorism.

To find out the truth, Hae Ri and Dal Gun work together with their connections to find out what really happened and who is the dog hidden in the government bodies.

Action Pack

If you love watching action genre, this is the drama for you to begin. The entire drama up to now is filled with action. As a stuntman, Dal Gun did pretty impressive stunts throughout the drama and we will see more as the drama progress.

Pretty hype! 

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