Review: A Little Thing Called First Love 初恋那件小事

A LIttle Thing Called First Love Cdrama poster

No. of episodes: 36
Genre: Romance, School

Native title: 初恋那件小事
Original network: Netflix, Hunan TV

Still prefer the movie more than the drama but both have its merits. First time seeing Lai Kuan Lin acting and it is not in Korean nor part of Wanna One.

One-sided crush

Xia Miao Miao (Angel Zhao) move to a new place and new school with her family. Even before her first day of high school, she fell for Liang You Nian (Lai Kuan Lin), love at first sight.

She started to investigate who is he and what he likes etc. Thankfully her new classmate and bestie in the new high school is You Nian’s cousin, He Xin (Chao Wei), she help to create chance for them.

Getting pretty to get notice

She start to change her appearance to appeal him and attract him. You will see her constantly slow effort to change how she look ever since high school.

Enter the same college

Even though her passion is to learn fashion, Miao Miao’s mom forced her to take up the architecture degree in hopes to have a better future. End up, Miao Miao became You Nian’s junior even in college.

Dated briefly

Unlike the movie where there are no scenes of them dating, the drama version, we will be able to see them as a couple before Miao Miao travel abroad to be exchange student.

Obviously this is a happily ever after drama, but if you are curious what broke them apart and what happened to pull them back together after a year, check the drama out.

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