First impression: Wait, My Youth

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: School, Romance, Drama

Native title: 等等啊我的青春
Original network: Netflix, Youku

If you watched the Meteor Garden 2019, you will definitely able to recognize the female lead, Li Jia Qi.

Memory lane

The story started in early 2000 when the leads are in high school. Su Can Can (Li Jia Qi) has a one-sided crush on Lin Jia Ze (Li Ge Yang) since the first year in high school.

《等等啊我的青春》今日上线 用力追梦不负青春

Fate links the other way

Lan Tian Ye (Zhao Yi Qin) is the bad kid in school but good in maths and other subjects that Can Can is really bad in. Tian Ye is also a best friend with Jia Ze.

The new school year starts and the new form teacher made Tian Ye and Can Can sit next together. Misunderstood Can Can like him, Tian Ye was really annoyed by this girl but slowly change his mind after spending time with her.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and table

Broadcast department

The new broadcast department was set up in school and the new handsome music teacher is recruiting students to the team. Jia Ze and Zhao Ya Ting (Wu Shuang Yi) is naturally the best candidate since they are really strong in music.

To help her friend create more opportunity, Xu Mei Li (Stephanie Xu) pull Can Can along to join the team. Jia Ze recommended Tian Ye to the music teacher Lin Zhou (Vincent Wei) as he can play guitar well.

Soon, all of them are in the broadcast department together.

Truth is out

After countless times when Can Can “saved” Tian Ye during the parent-teacher meetings, he changed his mind about her and start to like this girl in front of him. Just when he started to accept her, he realized she has a crush on Jia Ze.

Table turns…

I can’t wait to see them growing up and what will happen to the clique.

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