Zico dropped ‘Any Song’ 아무노래

First caught my attention when I watched the video of him and Hwasa dancing in sync together and I saw he is doing the collaboration with Chungha as well. Did not know what is happening but here the drop and I love it.

I mean, I really like Block B ZICO’s song in general. E.g. SoulMate (ft. IU), Bermuda Triangle (ft. Crush).

If you want to listen from Apple Music.

Collab with Hwasa and Chungha

Zico asked other celebrities to play any song

Zico posted a series of videos on his Instagram (@woozico0914) to ask P.O (Block B), Henry, Jang Sung Kyu and Yoo Jae Suk to play any song on their phone.

This is really smart and after understanding the lyrics, this song is definitely growing on me.

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