GOT7’s Jinyoung and So Nee bubbling campus romance in upcoming drama

Counting down to see Actor Park back on the small screen in The Most Beautiful Moment in Life. tvN released still cuts of Jinyoung and So Nee encounter in the college campus.

The drama is a melodrama that depicts the reunion of past lovers in their 40s. The 40s Han Jae Hyun (Yoo Tae Ji) is the son-in-law of JS Group chairman who grew up to only care about growing his power and money. The 20s Jae Hyun (GOT7’s Jinyoung) is an active protestor and very passionate about life.

The 40s Yoon Ji Soo (Lee Bo Young) is a single mother and struggling with life after an accident, she came from a good family background. The 20s Ji Soo (Jeon So Nee) met Jae Hyun and fell in love.

The first episode will air on 18 Apr 2020, every Saturday and Sunday after Hi, Bye Mom!. Meanwhile, if you are interested to find out more about the actors.

Watch He is Psychometric by Jinyoung and Encounter by So Nee.

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