3 favourite dramas in March 2020

March 2020 Favourite drama

Did not complete a fair amount of drama this month but did watched a couple of movies that I really love. Other dramas that I’ve completed but not my total favourite; Reply 1988, Forensic Heroes IV.

One of my favourite drama is also everyone’s favourite recently. Coincidentally, both of my favourite dramas are produced by JTBC and available on Netflix. The third one is a Netflix Original drama.

Itaewon Class (2020)

Itaewon Class
Itaewon Class

An adaptation from popular web toon (of the same title), Itaewon Class made people go crazy while waiting for the next episode every week. The drama brings good ratings to JTBC and it was on Netflix which reaches globally as well.

Moment of Eighteen (2019)

Moments at 18
Moment of 18

Aired last summer, the acting debut for Ong Seung Woo. Story about a group of high school students and the common problems they will face at the age of 18. Unexpectedly nice and made me binge watching it without skipping a second.

Locke and Key (2020)

Locke and Key, Netflix
Locke and Key, Netflix

The magical horror series by Netflix is both mysterious and filled with thrillers. Netflix announced that they will be coming up with the 2nd season recently.

Started a page to keep track on the dramas that I’ve completed in 2020 with the respective ratings (based on personal opinion) with my review.

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