Park Seo Joon, IU and more attend the script reading for upcoming movie ‘Dream’

Dream cast for script reading

‘Dream’ (working title)드림 was one of the movie that I anticipate after the news broke out beginning of the year or late 2019, after Hotel del Luna concluded.

‘Dream’ is a movie about a story of a group of people who are trying out for an international soccer event, Homeless World Cup.

Yoon Hong Dae (Park Seo Joon) is a professional player who was caught in an incident which caused his probation. Hong Dae became the coach of the team with mixed and matched members. Lee So Min (IU, Lee Ji Eun) is a producing director who dreams to find her success through documenting Hoong Dae and his team while working towards their goal.

The actors

Park Seo Joon and Lee Ji Eun for Dream script reading

This is Park Seo Joon’s next filming project after Itaewon Class concluded and IU’s next project after Hotel del Luna. Fun fact: #throwback both main leads plays a role in Dream High series with IU in the first season and Park Seo Joon was in the second season.

Cast from ‘Dream’ movie including Lee Hyun Woo, Ko Chang Seok, Kim Jong Soo and more.

Ko Chang Seok will not be a stranger for those who recently caught Memorist. Lee Hyun Woo will be a familiar face to everyone especially IU’s fans.

The movie will likely to be premiere in 2021.

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