Review: Oh My Baby

Oh My Baby Drama poster featuring Jung Gun Joo, Park Byung Eun, Go Joon and Jang Nara

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native title: 오 마이 베이비
Original network: tvN

The drama is about a 39 year old single woman Jang Ha Ri (Jang Nara) who is a workaholic decides to have a baby. Without dating for the past ten years, she find it hard to find a suitable match even after going through multiple matchmaking.

Ha Ri is a senior reporter for a parenting magazine under Daechae Media ‘The Baby’. Day in and out looking at baby related information making her want to have a baby more.

3 men 1 woman

2020 GIF

Choi Kang Eu Tteum (Jung Gun Joo) is the ideal candidate since he is young. However he innocently irritate Ha Ri and calls her ‘aunty’ in the office since they are distantly acquaintance. After Ha Ri sternly warns him, he start remember and his charm flows.

Smart pediatrician Yoon Jae Young (Park Byung Eun) is Ha Ri’s childhood friends since 6 years old and practically feels like family. After Jae Young’s wife left him with their 100 days old daughter, Ha Ri’s mother Lee Ok Ran (Kim Hye Ok) asked him to stay with her. Days goes by, he starts to see Ha Ri romantically but it is just one sided thinking.

The freelance photographer Han Yi Sang (Go Joon) who dislike the idea of having baby. Accidentally and indirectly injure ‘The Baby’ photographer and he has to sit in during his recovery period. During which he will appear around Ha Ri when she is at her downfall.

Fall in love

One who wants a baby so badly that even resort to illegal sperm donor as the country does not support singles. Things got out of hand and went up on the news and affected her career.

Another round of emotion roller coaster when Han Yi Sang knew he can’t have kids so he subconsciously dislike the idea of having one. He develop feelings for Ha Ri who is one that really desire to have her own kids.

How will they overcome this?

Winning hearts

Jae Young set his heart and mind to woo Ha Ri and help her with her dream of having her own kids. Yi Sang who wants Ha Ri’s mother to approve their relationship and like him. The jealous Jae Young always find his way and try to sabotage in a way. But to Ok Ran, Jae Young is like her son already.

What will happen in the end? This romantic comedy does touch the sensitive topic of infertility.

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