TVB confirm air date for upcoming investigation drama On-lie Game 迷網

On-lie game TVB Drama poster

Just a few more days to the premiere of On-Lie Game 迷網, a police investigation of crimes in the cyber world. Matt Yeung Ming and Samantha Ko Ling paired up again since My Commission Lovers 婚姻合伙人.

Senior Inspector Sunny Seto Zhong (Yeung Ming) and Inspector Denise Siu Mei Ting (Hera Chan) are from the Science and Technology Crime Unit who broke a handful frauds together. While Sunny is investigating on a online love scam case, he met his ex-girlfriend Vincy Cheung Hui (Samantha Ko) who is in a bad shaped marriage with her husband Michael Shen (Stephen Wong).

Their love reignite but the family assume that she cheated for money. During Vincy’s fall, Sunny is here to support her and stood by her side again. Another case occurs and Vincy’s family is involved. To crack the case, Vincy joined Sunny and vow to bring the scammers down.

Check out the teaser here

The 25-episode drama will premiere on 13 July 2020, every Monday to Friday.

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