Review: Love Playlist

Love playlist season 1 web drama poster

No. of episodes: 8
Genre: Web series, Romance, School

Native title: 연애플레이리스트 시즌1
Original network: Playlist Studio

The drama is about friendship, relationship and unrequited love among college students. Starting with a clique of four students and spot the rare female among them. Han Jae In (Lee Yoo Jin) is the newest member of the clique, the only female but brothers to them.

Their ups and downs started when Lee Hyun Seung (Kim Hyung Suk) introduce his girlfriend Jung Ji Won (Jung Shin Hye) to the clique. The young happy freshmen CC (campus couple) makes people envy them.

Things is not going to be happily ever after, soon Ji Won sense the rivalry between her and Jae In. Jae In has a one-sided love for Hyun Seung and the only person notice besides her is Kim Min Woo (Choi Hee Seung).

Love Playlist, one-sided love sorrows. Drown in pain.

At the end, Jae In confessed to Hyun Seung when he broke up with Ji Won but was rejected. Using alcohol as excuse, she brush the awkward moment aside and continue to hang out with the gang.

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