First impression: Dating in the Kitchen

Dating in the Kitchen, CDrama.

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Cooking

Native Title: 我, 喜欢你
Original network: Tencent Video

The drama is about Gu Sheng Nan (Rosy Zhao Lu Si) a 5-star hotel kitchen help also an aspiring chef met her muse, a sharp-tongue CEO Lu Jin (Lin Shen) who happen to be at the hotel for a business. The business prodigy isn’t afraid to make tough decisions.

A series of unfortunate events

Maybe they are just unlucky, Lu Jin always got into some bad situations because of Gu Sheng Nan. Destroying his Ferrari due to a misunderstanding, accidentally food poisoned him, drunk stories etc.

Shengnan ruined Lu Jin’s Car and got caught in the action. Dating in the Kitchen.

Being pinpointed to be the mastermind behind the accidental fire in the hotel kitchen. Sheng Nan was asked to leave immediately.

Appointed chef

Lu Jin is the valuable guest as he will determine the hotel’s future, everyone want to please the hardcore foodie. None of the dishes serve is to his liking unlike the hotel serves the last resort, the fried rice Sheng Nan wipe up before she was asked to leave.

Sheng Nan was rehired to the hotel and promoted to be a chef. However, her only client is the guy from room 1123, Lu Jin.

Testing Shengnan’s skills. Dating in the Kitchen.

After Lu Jin found out the lady chef behind all the perfect dishes is the same person that cause so many bad episodes, he bring the game to another level. He start to test her ability by giving her one ingredient and expect her to magically come up with 10 different dishes.

Countless accidents

Lu Jin’s compensation fees. Dating in the Kitchen

Comical events led to Lu Jin being warded due to food poisoning. Sheng Nan lost her job at the hotel and now owe Lu Jin huge amount of compensation fees.

To write off the debt, Lu Jin came up with the idea to be his personal chef.

Shengnan became Lu Jin’s private chef. Dating in the Kitchen.

Interested to find out what happen to the duo next?

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