Review: Sparkle Love

Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Drama poster

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, School, Fantasy

Native Title: 心动的瞬间
Original network: Mango TV

An extraordinary girl, Mei Wei Wei (Ling Mei Shi) is born with natural frequency. She will send electric to people around her when her heartbeat surpass 100. The receiver will fall for the first person they see, however, the feeling will only last for 24 hours.

Mei Wei Wei, the extraordinary girl. Sparkle Love
Mei Wei Wei, the extraordinary girl. Sparkle Love

Accidentally in love

Wei Wei agree to help her friend Li Dai Xi (Suo Lang Mei Qi) who lay her eyes on the swimming legend, Mai Si Chong (Zhang Ling He). During action, Si Chong sense something is weird and turn back instead. Accidentally shocked him and Si Chong fell for Wei Wei.

Mai Si Chong went from a zero romance guy to someone who chase after a girl in campus. After 24 hours, he woke up and find his behavior weird and ridiculous. Twice shy, after 48 hours of fan boy-ing Wei Wei he found out her secret.

Electric Stimulation

Sparkle Love

Si Chong was involved in a car accident and injured his knee. Hiding the fact of his injury to continue his profession swimmer journey. Mei Wei Wei’s unique condition draw him to her and wanted her to help him with the electric stimulation.

The Clique

The clique in Sparkle Love

Because of Wei Wei and Si Chong, their friends from respective dorms became friends. They go through different activities and have fun together as well.

Shocked love or real love

Si Chong realized that he really fell for Wei Wei and it is not because of any electric frequency pass through his body. However, Wei Wei did not trust him and the feelings.

Will Si Chong fully recover from his knee injury?
Will Wei Wei lost her natural frequency and life like a normal person?

Si Chong and Wei Wei’s beginning. Sparkle Love

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