Review: Go Go Go Operation C9

Go Go GO Operation C9, TVB Drama poster.

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Native Title: C9特工
Original network: TVB

Agent C9 before turning into a housewife.

The drama is about an agent C9 (Samantha Ko) who works for a secret organization became a married housewife after the entire organization blew up and wipe everything clean. Made her mind to be just a good wife, good daughter-in-law and good mother, her ex-partner agent B3 (Chris Lai Lok Yi) shows up.

Simple life

C9 became Cute Mom after she married the vegetable seller Ko Dai Ching (Kenneth Ma) and she raise her step son together. The house became a home after Cute Mom’s addition and the entire family relies on her, including his father Ko Dai Wai (Steve Lee), his older sister Ko Ching Lai (Kiwi Yuen), and younger brother Ko Chun Sam aka DQ (Brian Chu).

Cute Mom and Ko Da Ching working to raise their son.

B3 is alive, C9 is back

B3 reveal himself years after the bombing incident and C9 feel relieve that one of her friend made it out alive. B3 convinced C9 to join him and take down the black hole organization that they suspect who is behind the bomb.

B3 and C9 before the operation.

After several operation, B3 is not happy and feel that C9 is not fully committed into her agent identity which will affect their operations. C9 did not juggle well between her housewife identity as cute mom and C9.

B3 pulled the trigger and expose her in front of Ko Dai Ching. What will happen to the couple and will their relationship turn sour?

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