Review: Twenty Twenty

Playlist Studio's Twenty Twenty.

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Web Drama, Romance, School

Native Title: 트웬티트웬티
Original network: Playlist Studio

Twenty Twenty is not the year 2020 but lives of 20 year old, fresh out of high school and into their college glorious days. Lee Hyun Jin (Kim Woo Seok) have been living alone after his parents got a divorce, feel alone yet surround with friends to produce music together. Chae Da Hee (Han Sung Min) lives under her mother (Bae Hye Sun)’s control, the tremendous pressure will change when Da Hee meet Hyun Jin.


Hyun Jin and Da Hee met before during the high school days. A raining day after class, Hyun Jin head back to find an empty classroom to escape the rain and saw Da Hee who was crying her eyes out.


Twenty Twenty

Da Hee’s mother controls her real bad that she did not have any social life even if that is school’s activity. One day she decide to say a white lie that school event is compulsory, her mother went to call up the school and students to trace Da Hee down.

Da Hee start to feel rebellious and want to break free, one step at a time. Reconnecting to Hyun Jin made her see what a 20-year-old should purse gave her more courage.

Da Hee and Hyun Jin’s first kiss. Twenty Twenty.

Another barrier

Da Hee’s only friend in college is the Mr. Popular Jung Ha Jun (Park Sang Nam) who knows about her curfew and her mother. Always there to cover up and protect her, even do her assignment if she miss out any.

Da Hee rejected Ha Jun directly. Twenty Twenty.

The overprotectiveness from a friend became a burden to Da Hee. When she start to befriend a classmate Baek Ye Eun (Chae Won Bin), she notice that it is not normal, what Ha Jun ‘help’ her with. After seeing Da Hee took initiative to kiss Hyun Jin, Ha Jun start to make his move.

New life?

Hyun Jin and Da Hee confirms relationship and progress steadily. Hyun Jin has his own set of problems. No money problem, living alone with freedom seems like a luxury for most teens. But Hyun Jin parents walked away from him and only shower him with money and not love.

Will they have their knot untie with their respective parents?

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