Review: Record of Youth

tvN's record of the youth 청춘기록 poster with Byun Woo Seok, Park So Dam and Park Bo Gum.

No. of episode: 16
Genre: Modelling, Romance, Drama

Native Title: 청춘기록
Original network: tvN, Netflix

The drama follow the lives of three individuals who strives hard for their dream in the modelling fashion industry. Sa Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) is a bright and warm young man who dream to be a model and actor yet able to look at the world objectively. Ahn Jung Ha (Park So Dam) dreams to be a makeup artist, she is sensible and hardworking person who is not easily shaken by things happening around her. Won Hae Hyo (Byun Woo Seok) is a model and actor who wants to be acknowledge for his hard work instead of the “spoon” that he was born with. Hye Joon and Hae Hyo are best friends.

Tough dream

Hye Joon's father scolding Hye Joon while indirectly saying his grandfather. Record of Youth.
Hye Joon’s father scolding Hye Joon while indirectly saying his grandfather. Record of Youth.

Hye Joon always wanted to become an actor but keep losing chances from the audition because of his popularity and not acting skills. Struggling to live day by day and insist of not receiving financial help from his family. Taking on multiple part time jobs and finding opportunities to audition for new acting roles.

Jung Ha is a only child in the family, her father always encourage him to pursue her dreams whereas her month states otherwise. Keeping hush, she start her journey to be a makeup artist.

Cross Path

Jung Ha and Hye Joon meet for the first time, backstage. Record of Youth
Jung Ha and Hye Joon meet for the first time, backstage. Record of Youth

A modeling show brings Hye Joon, Hye Hyo and Jung Ha in the same venue. Since Hye Joon wasn’t popular, the makeup studio get Jung Ha to assist his make up whereas the main makeup artist settle it for Hye Hyo.

Jung Ha saw her idol for the first time before her eyes. Nervous and say she is fan of Hye Hyo and not Hye Joon. Friendship between them begins.


Jung Ha and Hye Joon naturally end up together and enjoy their dating life. Both of them is working hard respectively to reach their dreams and goals. Hye Joon’s best friend Hye Hyo see the girl he likes dating Hye Joon. Unrequited love started and never ends.

Jung Ha quit her stable makeup job and start up her own studio. Wanting to earn clients through her capability and not connections. The couple started at their lowest point and work their way up together.

Rose up to fame

Hye Joon rose up to fame in Record of Youth.

‘Gateway’ is a drama that make Hye Joon rose up to fame, everyone love him and from then on, he starts to receive more projects and able to choose what he want too.

Even though he is now famous and earn more, even able to pay off the family debts it comes with another set of challenge. Hye Joon ended the contract with his first company and the manager on a bad note, and that cunning manager went on to spread bad rumors about him.

One faithful reporter constantly make bad news and rumors about Hye Joon and put him in a bad spot. Exposing his relationship with Jung Ha and other non-existence relationships.

How will he pull through it?

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