Cravity’s new hideout – Cloud 9

Cravity 크래비티, a rookie boy group by Starship Entertainment is back with their latest comeback, Cloud 9.

Cravity – the nine members boy group under Starship Entertainment

Previously, we all know that Starship Entertainment is preparing to debut a nine (9) members boy group in 2020 which consist of dear X1 members, Minhee and Hyeongjun. When they first confirmed the news, I knew all the trainees that appeared in Produce X 101 will be in the group as well. But I didContinue reading “Cravity – the nine members boy group under Starship Entertainment”

Trainees that was affected by Produce 101 manipulation and where they are now

The list of trainees who were affected due to the manipulation was publicly announced but the trainees who were benefited from the manipulation will not be revealed.