Adult Trainee

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A web drama that features 3 stories, 3 pair of high school couples-friends. The real raw stories of 18-year-old student and what they are going through.

No. of episodes: 7
Genre: School, Youth, Friendship, Romance
Native title: 어른연습생
Original network: TVING

Premiere: 12 Nov 2021

In Episode 1 and 2, story between 2 classmates. Seo Jae Min (Ryu Eui Hyun) who is addicted to masturbation and a Park Ye Kyung ((G(I)-DLE’s Cho Mi Yeon)) their class president who is good at academics and possess great visuals.

In Episode 3 to 5, we will be getting the romance bubbling between a pair of childhood friends cum neighbours. Ban Yu Ra (Jo Yoo Jung) is a very conservative girl that was ditched by her first love due to her conservative thinking. Kim Nam Ho (Ryeoun) is her classmate, childhood friend as well as neighbour. Ya Ra’s ex-boyfriend got together with her best friend Kang Da Hyun (Park Se Hyun) and to spike them, she ask Nam Ho to pretend her boyfriend for 100 days. They crossed the friendship line and things start to change.


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