Be My Princess

Be My Princess Drama Poster 2

The romance drama begins when an A-list actor Mu Ting Zhou suffers from amnesia and believe he is Guo Fu, a man from thousand years ago in his previous role. He wanted to protect his princess which is his co-star Ming Wei, a newbie actress who works as a translator before taking off.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Romance, Showbiz
Native title: 影帝的公主
Original network: iQiyi

Premiere: 16 Mar 2022

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.



Jeremy Tsui Zheng Xi

Jeremy Tsui Zheng Xi

Mu Ting Zhou, Guo Fu

Zhou Jie Qiong Kyulkyung

Zhou Jie Qiong

Ming Wei

Harry Hu Yun Hao

Harry Hu Yun Hao

Xiao Zhao, Xu Run

Wu Jia Yi

Wu Jia Yi

Ming Qiao

Xu Kai Xin

Xu Kai Xin

Chen Zhang

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