Book review: How we disappear


How we disappear is a book written by Jing Jing Lee. Even though it took me quite a while to complete it, it is a well written book that based on the endurance and aftermath of World War II in the perspective of the comfort woman in Singapore.

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How I chance upon

The impromptu trip to Kinokuniya always inspires me to pick up another book. The cover of the book instantly draws me closer. After reading the

Two parts of the story

Wang Di was just a 17 years old girl living with her family in one of the many villages in Singapore. In 1942 when the Japanese invaded Singapore, things slowly move to her village and turned her life upside down.

Separated from her family, she was transported to a Japanese military brothel in a Black and White house (usually bungalows that are once commonly used to house European colonial and expats before the war broke out).

Kevin is a 12 years old boy in the modern 2000, living with his family. After the passing of his Ah Ma (grandmother), he saw a stack of letters that was back dated since the war time. He starts to go through stack of letters and discover secrets.

Some quotes that really struck me

People say things all the time without thinking and then they forget about it
This is a sentence that everyone should carry with them. Even today where cyber bully is so common.

I dreaded Mrs Sato’s departure though I hated even more her arrival in the morning, the way a caged animal could be uneasy and hopeful around its keeper.

How they really felt like every single day during the war time. We can never relate to this, yet it is really sad to read this part. How Mrs Sato is the only “key” to survive there.

Diving into another perspective during the war time. Another favorite after Pachinko.

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