Trainees that was affected by Produce 101 manipulation and where they are now

The list of trainees who were affected due to the manipulation was publicly announced but the trainees who were benefited from the manipulation will not be revealed.

Park Bo Gum quietly enlist to the navy on 31 Aug

We all know the ‘forever Crown Prince’ is enlisting this summer and it is real. On 31 Aug 2020, Park Bo Gum report in and enlisted privately. Due to the consideration of Covid19 pandemic no one can send him off which is a ‘tradition’ when fans send their favorite celebrity and take a glimpse. BoContinue reading “Park Bo Gum quietly enlist to the navy on 31 Aug”

OUI Entertainment confirm 1THE9’s Yoo Yongha and Kim Jun Seo to debut with WEi

On 12 Aug, OUI Entertainment announced that 1THE9’s Yoo Youngha and Kim Jun Seo will join Kim Dong Han, Kim Yo Han, Jang Dae Hyeon and Kang Seok Hwa to debut as WEi.

GOT7’s Jackson having fun with Fendi’s new capsule collection with Mr Doodle

GOT7’s Jackson Wang has been a Fendi Man for a while now. Fendi is a luxury brand and recently released the capsule collection with a young British artist Sam Cox, better known as Mr Doodle. Hong Kong based magazine, MANIFESTO released a video of Jackson having fun with the doodles. Check out the video hereContinue reading “GOT7’s Jackson having fun with Fendi’s new capsule collection with Mr Doodle”

Coco debut in Idol Radio with GOT7’s Youngjae

Our Queen Coco is GOT7’s Choi Youngjae’s pet dog who is famous idol dog. She have made an appearance while following Youngjae to radio show. In episode 659, Coco sat on his lap throughout the show like a chill pill and did not make a fuss while Youngjae did the show with other guests. SheContinue reading “Coco debut in Idol Radio with GOT7’s Youngjae”

SHINee’s Dubu leader Onew is discharged from the military

The first member and also SHINee’s leader, Onew is discharged from the military on 20 July 2020. Official ‘SHINee is back’ might still take a while, while waiting for Key and Choi Min Ho to discharge later this year. Dubu (tofu) is the nickname that Shawol gave Onew and it is good to see himContinue reading “SHINee’s Dubu leader Onew is discharged from the military”