GOT7’s Breath makes us skipped a beat

Yes, it is finally here! The first title track Breath 넌 날 숨 쉬게 해 is release (pre-release) at 23 November 2020, 6PM (KST) ahead of their comeback on 30 November with the album Breath of Love: Last Piece.

What we know about GOT7’s upcoming comeback – Breath of Love: Last Piece

Strike at 12 AM (KST), GOT7 dropped the poster for the upcoming November comeback as a teaser. Album title Breath of Love: Last Piece will be release on 30 November at 6PM (KST) and we will be expecting a pre-release on 23 November.

Woollim Entertainment debut new boy group in October – DRIPPIN

Woollim Entertainment first announced on 4 September 2020 that they will be debuting a new boy group this year with former X1 member Cha Jun Ho included.