Han Seung Woo preparing for solo debut in August

TGIF people! What a great news from Play M on the last work day of the week. Play M Entertainment (Han Seung Woo’s agency) confirmed that he is currently preparing for a solo debut in the coming August. Since I was introduced to Han Seung Woo through Produce X 101 and then X1, I reallyContinue reading “Han Seung Woo preparing for solo debut in August”

IZONE release playful themed teasers of the members for upcoming comeback

The album ‘Oneiric Diary’ 幻想日記 comeback is set to release on 15 June 2020, 6 PM (KST). Up until now, the entire concept gives off the dreamy, fantasy vibe.

Kim Woo Seok debut as solo artist with 1st Desire [Greed]

Kim Woo Seok debut with 1st DESIRE [GREED] today, 25 May 2020 and brings us such a good title track 적월 (赤月) Red Moon. If you don’t know him, Woo Seok is artist under TOP Media and debut in the boy group UP10TION back in 2015 and later participated in Produce X 101 and debutContinue reading “Kim Woo Seok debut as solo artist with 1st Desire [Greed]”

Baek Ji Young and Ong Seong Woo released heartbreaking duet ‘Didn’t say anything’

Previously, the news of Ong Seong Woo collaboration with Baek Ji Young on a song is finally it out. 아무런 말들도 Didn’t say anything is a heartbreaking emotional ballad that express the regret of not able to say anything after a breakup. For those who are super drawn to ‘Drunk on Love‘ by Jang HyeContinue reading “Baek Ji Young and Ong Seong Woo released heartbreaking duet ‘Didn’t say anything’”

Got POISON by GOT7 stages

I should be promoting their title track Not by the moon more but I can’t help loving Poison more. Feels like it is me again When Thursday was subconsciously on repeat even though I love You Calling My Name. For non-iGOT7, we want to promote their non title tracks some of which are debate amongstContinue reading “Got POISON by GOT7 stages”

Deep dive into GOT7’s mini album ‘DYE’

For those that want to find out more about the album and the songs, continue to scroll down to find out more. ‘DYE‘ by GOT7 is released on 20 April 2020 with a total of six tracks including their title track ‘Not By The Moon’. DYE is the 11th mini album and the first comebackContinue reading “Deep dive into GOT7’s mini album ‘DYE’”