Songs that GOT7’s Jackson released so far in 2019

When he say he will focus on producing more music, he meant it. Like seriously…! Let’s recap on how many music Jackson released in 2019 and we are only in the second month of the year. 14 Jan 2019: Red – Single, Jackson Wang & Ice Language: English and Chinese (Mandarin) Apple Music  15 Feb 2019:Continue reading “Songs that GOT7’s Jackson released so far in 2019”

JUS2 – Showcase Tour

Mystery solved! Now we understand why One Production and the various countries’ concert organizers RT the teaser. Instead of GOT7’s World Tour, we are having Sub-unit tour for now. Or will there be a tour for all the future sub-units?  From the teaser drop, we are always anticipating 11 AM and 11 PM (12 amContinue reading “JUS2 – Showcase Tour”

Hot Debut – iTZY

The 5 members girl group under JYP entertainment just made their first showcase debut, the 1st Single <IT’z Different> with their title track Dalla Dalla 달라달라 on 12 February 2019. (Source: VLive) Official Website: Official Facebook Page: @OfficialItzy V Live Channel: Link here MV “Dalla Dalla” breaks a record The fastest record for aContinue reading “Hot Debut – iTZY”

GOT7 – New Sub unit? World tour?

Just OMG! At 13 Feb 2019, 12AM (KST), both JYP Entertainment and GOT7 Official Twitter Account dropped the 18 seconds teaser that is leaving mystery for ahgases to solve. What ahgases decipher during the 12 hours spent, which I feel that I’m in a fandom with talented detectives! Sub unit? JUS2  “First dot connects withContinue reading “GOT7 – New Sub unit? World tour?”

10 Best YouTube production videos of GOT7

The next series will be credits to all the YouTubers and companies out there for their brilliant creation of the video content. #1 Dingo Music – GOT7 – Lullaby Jackpot Live I did not get it the first time I watch it, but it will slowly grows on you once you get it! It isContinue reading “10 Best YouTube production videos of GOT7”

10 Best GOT7 dance videos

Entering their sixth (6th) year in the KPOP industry.  #5yearswithGOT7 #5yearswithiGOT7 There are way more than 10 amazing videos of them, but I will narrow it down based on different categories that I love and have been watching it on repeat since I first saw it. Without further ado let’s start the Dance version! #1Continue reading “10 Best GOT7 dance videos”

GOT7 5th Anniversary Fan Meeting

Truly amazing experience watching them live right in front of my eyes. I can’t miss out on how cool it is to watch them live in Seoul, South Korea as well, the very country that they debut in. Able to get tickets for the 5th Anniversary Fan Meeting is a blessing, and to get ticketsContinue reading “GOT7 5th Anniversary Fan Meeting”

Comeback: MiRACLE, Present: You &Me

On 16 November 2018, JYP Entertainment announced that GOT7 will be releasing a new edition of their latest album “Present: YOU” on 3 December 2018, 6pm (KST). Just when I’m catching up on all the past GOT7 songs and going gaga over the Confession Song (another Christmas song), here’s another early Christmas present. On 19Continue reading “Comeback: MiRACLE, Present: You &Me”

GOT7’s Jackson wax figure ready in 2019

Proud ahgase moment when Madame Tussauds HK (@TussaudsHK) announced that they are in the making of Jackson’s wax figure. While the rest of the members head over to Japan for activities, Jackson is back in his homeland sitting there for 6 hours for his first ever wax figure that will debut in Mid-2019 personally byContinue reading “GOT7’s Jackson wax figure ready in 2019”

Comeback: I Won’t Let You Go

GOT7 Japan Comeback, “I won’t let you go” on 30 Jan 2019. Their official website *Jackson will not be participating in any Japan activities. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about missing Jackson out and it will not be GOT7.  9 Dec 2018, GOT7 release the teaser on their Japan YouTube account (GOT7 Japan OfficialContinue reading “Comeback: I Won’t Let You Go”