First Impression: Encounter (2018)

SCREAM! Highly anticipated drama for everyone since they announce the cast line-up with Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo. Doing a “first impression” instead of the usual “reviews” since I believe I will have loads of inputs for this drama. Genre: Romance No. of episodes: 4 (up to 10 December 2018) Original network: tvNContinue reading “First Impression: Encounter (2018)”

Top 8 Favourite TVB Drama in 2018

Not the best reference as I’ve only completed 13 TVB dramas that was produced in 2018. But I will still do the ranking for the top 8 dramas I love this year. I did my Top 8 for 2017 as well, and in comparison, I feel that 2017 have better dramas and higher competition. Also,Continue reading “Top 8 Favourite TVB Drama in 2018”

Review: Magic School (web-drama)

Web-drama that Jinyoung (GOT7) takes on the lead role. And I believe it will be nicer than [A Stray Goat] movie that I watched because of him as well. No. of episodes: 4 Genre: Romance Original title: 마술학교 Aired on September 2017 Original network: JTBC Na-ra (acted by Jinyoung) is an obedient son to hisContinue reading “Review: Magic School (web-drama)”

Review: The Player (2018)

No. of episodes: 14 Genre: Crime, Action Original title: 플레이어 Was attracted after reading the synopsis while browsing through ViuTV site. The four individuals, an expert in their respective fields come together to form this elite team to solve crimes with the support of a righteous prosecutor. The black money (illegal dirty money) that wasContinue reading “Review: The Player (2018)”

Review: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

No. of episodes: 16 Genre: Romance-Comedy Original network: tvN Original title: 김비서가 왜 그럴까 After nine years of working with him, Kim Mi So (acted by Park Min young) decided to quit her secretary role because she has finally clear her debt. However, the narcissistic Vice Chairman, Lee Young Joon (acted by Park Seo Joon),Continue reading “Review: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”

12 most anticipated TVB dramas in 2019

The yearly sales presentation that TVB host to showcase the ‘products’ to the clients in early November. TVB do more than just producing dramas, variety shows etc. However, I will only focus on the dramas that they unveil during the Sales Presentation. Drama lineups What to expect next year! *Based on the past experience, theContinue reading “12 most anticipated TVB dramas in 2019”

Review: Suits (2018)

Genre: Legal No. of episodes: 16 Original network: KBS2 Remake of the American television series, Suits, which has eight (8) seasons and right now. The condensed Korean version will showcase more character development in an episode as compared to the original version. Backstory, I did watch the original suits to only Season 3 and therefore,Continue reading “Review: Suits (2018)”

Review: Good Doctor

Genre: Medical No. of episodes: 16 Original network: KBS Opposite of Suits, this series caught the eye of the American producers and they made a remake after the Korean Good Doctor is out. This series was first aired in Aug 2013 and it only caught my eyes in 2018. Won Baeksang Arts Award for BestContinue reading “Review: Good Doctor”