Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won and Yeo Jin Goo travel across South Korea with House on Wheels

tvN’s new variety show House on Wheels 바퀴달린집 showcase the experience living in a non-traditional brick house. The small and portable home is house for three actors, Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won and magnae Yeo Jin Goo.

Horror Premiere of Great Escape Season 2

Great Escape 密室大逃脱2 is a China spin off Variety show with the similar concept based on the Korean version. The cast members are thrown into a massive themed escape rooms and they are all by themselves to unlock rooms with no time limit.

Battle of the Musicians released MV collaboration between Jessi, Song Ga In and Kim Yo Han

The recently air KBS variety show Battle of the Musicians (also known as War of Villains) 악인전 released a song collaboration between three individual singers.

Watch GOT7’s Jackson on Chinese version Running Man episode 6

On the eighth season of China’s version Running Man aka Keep Running 奔跑吧第八季, we have GOT7’s Jackson Wang on board as a guest in episode 6. Along with Jackson, we have Nie Yuan, Li Qin and Elvis Han as guest.

Guide to Twogether with Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu

One South Korean and one Taiwanese paired together and set off their journey across Southeast Asia to find their fans. Traveling to 4 countries and 7 cities, singer/actor Lee Seung Gi and Actor/model Jasper Liu Yi Hao became friends by overcoming the language barrier.

Kim Woo Seok, Lee Jin Hyuk, Kim Jae Hwan and Jeong Sewoon united for upcoming variety show

Kim Woo Seok, Lee Jin Hyuk, Kim Jae Hwan, and Jeong Sewoon will be joining forced together for an upcoming variety show together. All four of them start the shooting for ‘Boys’ Mind Camp’ (literal translate) 소년멘탈캠프 today, 26 June 2020. The variety show will be co-produced by SM C&C Studio and WAVVE and hostedContinue reading “Kim Woo Seok, Lee Jin Hyuk, Kim Jae Hwan and Jeong Sewoon united for upcoming variety show”