7 trainees from Boys Planet confirm to make their debut under Jelly Fish Entertainment

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Updates, 10 August 2023

Formerly introduced as BLIT, Jellyfish Entertainment announced the change in group name to EVNNE and launch their social media account.

Why the change? It was said that BLIT has hidden negative connotations and was discovered recently. In order to prevent any future misinterpretation, the agency decided to change the name to EVNNE.

EVNNE (pronounce as ‘Even’) is an acronym for ‘EVENing’s Newest Etoiles’.

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Original post, 3 August 2023

Previously it was revealed that trainees that appeared in the survival program Boys Planets under Wake One Entertainment and Yue Hua Entertainment are considered to make their debut as a project group.

From the success of the show and the groundbreaking debut ZEROBASEONE made. Fans are looking forward to seeing a second “JBJ”, which was a second group from Produce 101 Season 2 after WannaOne.

Back to the topic, so potential candidates that were previously speculated are confirmed.

Wakeone Trainee Fan Meet 22 And 23 Jul 2023

From Wake One Entertainment, we have Park Han Bin, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Moon Jung Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo. They have recently done their 2 days fan meet.

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From Yue Hua Entertainment, we have Yoo Seung Eon and Ji Yun Seo. The last member is from Rain Company, we have the ace, all-rounder Keita!

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The group will be managed by Jelly Fish Entertainment and their group name is confirmed BLIT. The contract period is still unknown. BLIT is in short for Boldly Leaping into Tomorrow, which shows the group’s ambition to make groundbreaking history in the music industry.

They are set to make their debut in the second half of 2023.

Brief intro of BLIT members

The following intro order is by age.

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Rank: 12 (8-8-6-12)

Born: 4 July 2001
Agency: Rain Company

First appeared in YG Entertainment’s survival program, YG Treasure Box. After this, he joined RAIN Company and debuted as a member of Ciipher in 2021.

In late 2022, he joined Boys Planet for another chance to debut again.

Memorable stages on Boys Planet include G Group Kill This Love and Zoom.

Profile on Boys Planet

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Park Han Bin

Rank: 11 (22-13-11-11)

Born: 1 Mar 2002
Agency: Wake One Entertainment

He is definitely one of the aces in the program. Apart from Zhang Hao from ZEROBASEONE, he was the only one that achieves almost perfect results.

The memorable stages I would say will be Switch and Law.

Profile on Boys Planet

Boys Planet Lee Jeong Hyeon

Lee Jeong Hyeon

Rank: 15 (39-24-17-15)

Born: 11 Sep 2002
Agency: Wake One Entertainment

The memorable stage on Boys Planet is definitely Over Me.

Profile on Boys Planet

Boys Planet Yoo Seung Eon

Yoo Seung Eon

Rank: 16 (17-17-14-16)

Born: 2 Jan 2005
Agency: Yue Hua Entertainment

Memorable stages on Boys Planet include Say My Name and Pretty Girl.

Profile on Boys Planet

Boys Planet Ji Yun Seo

Ji Yun Seo

Rank: 41 (47-41)

Born: 15 Oct 2004
Agency: Yue Hua Entertainment

Memorable stages on Boys Planet include K Group Back Door and Hero.

Profile on Boys Planet

Boys Planet Moon Jung Hyun

Moon Jung Hyun

Rank: 23 (23-29)

Born: 31 Mar 2005
Agency: Wake One Entertainment

The memorable stage is definitely GANG.

Profile on Boys Planet.

Boys Planet Park Ji Hoo

Park Ji Hoo

Rank: 33 (44-33)

Born: 14 Jul 2006
Agency: Wake One Entertainment

Ji Hoo was from H1GHR Music when he joined the program. After it ended, he parted ways with them and join Wake One.

Memorable stage: Limousine

Profile on Boys Planet

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