AOMG confirm GOT7’s Yugyeom with a dance cover

GOT7 Kim Yugyeom

It is official that GOT7’s Kim Yugyeom signed with AOMG after his exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment ended in Jan 2021. Since Yugyeom was announced that he is is talks to sign with AOMG, fans are eager to find out if the deal is done.

AOMG took a unique way to release a special dance visual (video) to introduce their newest artist on board. Yugyeom is known to be the main dancer of GOT7 and also Hit The Stage’s winner in 2016.

Yugyeom took a major cleanse to his personal Instagram account by archiving over 400 posts, leaving only the GOT7 member’s we-fie together and the letter to ahgases. Start fresh and introduce his latest project with AMOG.

Check out his amazing dance video: ‘FRANCHISE’ Dance Visual / Travis Scott, Feat. Young Thug & M.I.A.

For more updates, follow Yugyeom’s Instagram or stay tune to AMOG’s social media platforms.

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