Best decision so far in 2018 – Netflix

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Ending the 2nd month of 2018 with the best decision made so far. Subscribe to Netflix!

Although it has been only 2 or 3 days since I started using… but it is amazing! And I guess the button on my tv remote controller contribute to this amazing experience.

Questions I had previously that stopped me from being part of the pool of current subscribers …

  1. Only American series?
  2. Are Netflix series good?
  3. Only one user?

All the question marks I had was eliminated after more people talk about the series they are watching and also reading the news that more Korean dramas and variety series are now available on Netflix. Also, the potential of having more Hong Kong dramas too!

The price

To benefit the entire family, I decided to try out their premium plan ($16.98/month) since we can have 4 concurrent screens at the same time and everyone gets to enjoy at the same time. However, I will consider downgrading if it is underutilized.

The announcement on applying GST on digital service in the recent Budget 2018 will soon affect the rate and what you will be paying in 2020.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 7.03.30 PM
Available packages were taken from Netflix

My current list

Series including Dynasty, Riverdale, Suits and some others that I wanted to watch previously. And also movie like Sex and the city made it to my to-watch list too!

Currently rolling will be a Korean variety show “Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast”. Seen bits and pieces of the reviews and news of guest appearing, especially the recent one where Yoona (from Girls Generation) cried during her appearance. (Yoona is the staff in Season 2, replacing IU)


hyori's bnb allkpop.jpg
IU (the Staff), Lee Sang Soon (the CEO) and Hyori (the Chairman) with their pets in the Jeju’s Bed and Breakfast. Picture: Allkpop


Will definitely write a review for Hyori’s Bed and breakfast soon. It is a very inspirational variety show.


Probably be seeing Netflix adding Hong Kong TVB dramas, which I love, and really help me to track and make it just a button away from starting where I left off.

Another level up for being a #couchpotato and sharing more reviews in the future!

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