Boys Planet finalist to debut as ZEROBASEONE

Zerobaseone Logo

Our final 9 members are confirmed last night on the Boys Planet finals. Star Master Hwang Min Hyun announced the confirmed group name to be ZEROBASEONE in short will be ZB1. The group will have the same contract as their seniors, Kep1er, to promote together for 2 years and 6 months under WAKEONE.

Here are their official social accounts if you want to follow them for more:

Mnet Plus Community –

YouTube – @ZB1_official
Instagram – @zb1official
Twitter – @ZB1_official
TikTok – @zb1_official
Facebook – @zb1official

Here are our shining members

Boys Planet Top 18 Zhang Hao 2

No. 1 – Zhang Hao

Boys Planet Top 18 Sung Han Bin 1

No. 2 – Sung Han Bin

Boys Planet Top 18 Seok Matthew 2

No. 3 – Seok Matthew

Boys Planet Top 18 Ricky 2

No. 4 – Ricky

Boys Planet Top 18 Park Gun Wook 1

No. 5 – Park Gun Wook

Boys Planet Top 18 Kim Tae Rae 2

No. 6 – Kim Tae Rae

Boys Planet Top 18 Kim Gyu Vin 1

No. 7 – Kim Gyu Vin

Boys Planet Top 18 Kim Ji Woong 2

No. 8 – Kim Ji Woong

Boys Planet Top 18 Han Yu Jin 1

No. 9 – Han Yu Jin

It is an end to a new beginning. Please continue to show your support to the group and thank you to everyone who tunes in and support Boys Planet for the past 3 intensive months.

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