Catching up – GOT7 members individual progress so far in 2022

Got7 2022 First Quarter

Many should know that GOT7 have been promoting on their own in their respective domains but definitely not disbanded since they left collectively from JYP Entertainment at the beginning of 2021.

As an ahgase (iGOT7), it is definitely one challenge to track all 7 members’ progress but willing to go the extra mile as we are there to support every single one of them. All of them have made impressive milestones on their own. Now that they are all in Korea together for a few days, we are still waiting patiently for a comeback as a group soon.

I know this might not be a comprehensive article, but definitely, the key highlights will be in.

Jay B
& Def.
Radio Show – KBS FM89.1 StationZ
Music – Sunset with You (26 Jan) – as Def.
Music – Again (11 Feb) – as Def.
Music Collab – Hello 2.0 (Legends Only) with James Reid and OZI (17 Mar)
Music Collab – Windy Day with BIGONE (18 Mar)
Music – Dive into you, Crazy Love OST (30 Mar)
Mark TuanParis Fashion Show with Saint Laurent
Music – My Life (21 Jan)
Music – lonely (24 Mar)
Jackson WangMusic – ENG Mixtape: LOST & FOUND (7 Mar)
Video – Skincare Routine with GQ (17 Mar)
Music Collab – Damn Girl with CrazyBoy (19 Mar)
Music – BLOW (31 Mar)
Park Jin YoungFilming: Movie – Christmas Carol
Web Drama/ Ad – Klay City (28 Feb)
Premiering: Movie – Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (8 Apr)
Choi YoungjaeAmbassador for Candylab Cosmetics (18 Feb)
Fan Meeting in Bangkok (19 Mar)
Own Radio Show – MBC FM4U 91.9 Daldi’s Close Friend (from 24 Mar, 8 pm to 10 pm KST)
BambamMusic – Slow Mo (18 Jan)
Music Collab – Skrrt with FHERO and Youngohm (19 Feb)
Music – Melting, A Business Proposal OST (16 Mar)
Kim YugyeomMusic – Take You Down (31 Mar)
Fan Meet (Coming soon) to Germany in May 2022

International traveling and fan meeting seems to begin while the world is slightly recovering from the pandemic. So international fans can finally really look forward to more posibilities in the later half of 2022.

Are you looking forward to have a GOT7 comeback soon? Even releasing a song like Encore will definitely warm my heart.

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