Chase Lee promoting solo with Charlotte Tilbury after Youth With You 3

Chase Lee for Charlotte Tilbury

Chase Lee is a young idol that left a strong impression from the participation in Youth With You 3. Rounding in No. 9 place of the Top 20 before the program wraps up without going into finals.

The whereabouts of the Top 20 trainees are left in unknown status and rumor with the secret final Top 9. Chase started solo promotions is a sign that he is not in the plans for any group.

Prior to this event, there are fan cams of his performance at Mywave Music Festival Tianjin in Mid May 2021.

He will be a special guest that will connect with global fans in a virtual meeting on 1 June 2021 through Taobao to promote a makeup brand, Charlotte Tilbury.

Chase Lee For Charlotte Tilbury

Are you happy to see him back?

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