Genie went to visit ZB1 during Back to ZEROBASE filming

Genie Exclusive Zb1 Filming Back To Zerobase

Genie is one of the music streaming platforms in South Korea. To welcome ZEROBASEONE to the family, Genie went behind the scenes of ZB1 filming the Back to ZEROBASE film.

The following individual photos showcase the brilliant members of ZEROBASEONE.

Sung Han Bin

Kim Ji Woong

Zhang Hao

Seok Matthew

Kim Tae Rae


Kim Gyu Vin

Park Gun Wook

Han Yu Jin

For those who’ve yet to catch the Back to ZEROBASE film, check it out here. The song is the 1st track in ZEROBASEONE’s 1st Mini Album, Youth in the Shade. The group showcases their vocals through the live performance during their debut show as well.

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