GOT7 launch official channel and update logo hinting comeback

Got7 New Logo

Our kings are coming back, you’ll!

Since leaving JYPE in the beginning of 2021, the members have pursue their individual goals in both music and acting world. But before that, they release ‘Encore‘ to reassure ahgases that they will be back.

Today, they dropped GOT7’s new logo, created their Twitter, Instagram account and update the YouTube Channel they’ve created after leaving JYPE.

Knowing that all the members are in Korea to celebrate Bambam’s birthday and earlier on, a coffee truck photo was leak. A present from Sublime Artists Agency (Youngjae and Jackson’s agency) to all the members, looks like it was located outside a studio.

A comeback is coming really soon!

For those who wants to follow them, GOT7_isourname

and YouTube

Prepare for my favourite chaos!

Got7 Back Again
Got7 Encore

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