GOT7 launch their YouTube channel and MV ENCORE

GOT7 Encore 2021

The best present for ahgase from GOT7. GOT7 members tease us with a surprise by releasing a teaser to ENCORE and also launched their own YouTube channel.

The boys might be working in different agencies but hearts still together as one. Grateful to know that they still own the name ‘GOT7’ and able to release their creativity and message to ahgases (GOT7’s fandom). The song ENCORE is produced by member Park Jin Young, he never fails to deliver such a beautiful and touching song for the fans. Mark Tuan produced the MV below.

ENCORE hits more than 40 markets’ No.1 in iTunes Chart and I’m really happy that they have attain such an achievement. Fans making puns as Mark is promoting more on his social media, MARKeting. (Get it?)

Check out the MV here. Remember to subscribe to their channel (not the one by JYPE) for future events.

Original article

Mystery solved! The members of GOT7 shared an alphabet each on their Instagram Story that spells out as “ENCORE” with a green heart (represents them and Ahgases) earlier in the day. Dropping hints that might give you deja vu as how they tease their comeback for Not By The Moon.

After their exclusive contract ended with JYP Entertainment in Jan 2021, all of the members part ways but still as a member of GOT7.

All seven members left JYP Entertainment at the end of January 2021 after their exclusive contract is up. With Youngjae and Jackson part of Sublime, Jinyoung signed under BH Entertainment, Mark head home to LA to start his own content, Yugyeom confirm with AMOG. Only Bambam and leader JB left unknown but still currently actively working.

This is the answer to stop all the questions about “GOT7 still together?” YES, they are and they will be releasing their first MV Encore after leaving JYP.

After sharing the MV teaser in a newly created channel, Warner Music Korea posted the same video on their channel as well. Still unclear but we will know more in less than 24 hours’ time!

So let’s cheers to their new beginning and a journey we will continue with them.

Please subscribe to this channel as it will be the one that they will be using in the future.

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