GOT7’s Jackson joins Sublime under Team Wang

GOT7 Jackson joins Sublime Artist Agency with Team Wang

The title might confuse you a little, but no worries, read on to find out more.

GOT7’s Jackson has his own label Team Wang that is big in the music industry, crosses over to fashion, and many more. With him ending the exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment, Jackson is finding a Korean agency to work with instead of overloading Team Wang.

Jackson is now under the Sublime Artist Agency along with member Choi Youngjae. However, Jackson’s case is slightly different as he joins in under Team Wang x Sublime Artist Agency business agreement.

TEAM WANG and SUBLIME ARTIST AGENCY, one of our major business partners, will engage in extensive global collaboration in 2021.

TEAM WANG, Jan 2021 (IG Post)

Now, ahgases (GOT7’s fans) are hoping and looking forward to jjap jjap collaboration in the future. The 2nd pair of Tom and Jerry in GOT7, catch them in action through Hard Carry 2.

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