GOT7’s Jay B first solo fan meet and how to get in

Jay B First Solo Global Fan Meeting Sep 2021

GOT7’s leader Jay B recently debut as a soloist with his EP SOMO: FUME and title track B.T.W. reached 3 million views in 4 days since release. Not only that, he tops iTunes Charts in 36 regions such as United States, France, Spain, Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, and more.

Check out the list here

Jay B Top Itunes Charts Btw
Jay B Top iTunes Charts – BTW

The success leads up to his first personal fan meet. Jay B – 1st Solo Global Fan Meeting [SOMO: FUME, Style of my own: FUME] which will be held on 25 September 2021, at 8 PM (KST).

The fan meeting will last 2 hours and each ticket cost 38,000 KRW (~USD$38) which you can get from Yes24 or Bbangya TV.

If you still need more? H1GHR Music announced that they will be releasing an official merchandise line and the pre-order will be open from 2 September 2021 to 10 September 2021.

Anyway, back to the fan meeting. Here’s the official poster for this first fan meeting.

Jay B First Fan Meeting Somofume
Jay B first fan meet poster

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