GOT7’s JB opened an official YouTube account


Yes, it is not another false alarm. GOT7’s JB announced his launch of the official YouTube Channel through his Instagram Stories.

Since the departure of GOT7 members from JYP Entertainment at the end of their exclusive contract of 7 years, the members are venturing into their own path but GOT7 will still be with us and not disband.

The one first one read “Let’s see how many subscribers I will get.” and in the subsequent one he included the link and wrote “Ah I forget to include the link to the channel, I’ll post again… Haha”

JB IG Stories for his YouTube
JB IG Stories for his YouTube

JB uploaded a video to welcome fans and also thank them for subscribing and to look forward to the future projects he will be releasing.

On a side note, JB is part of a band called ØFFSHORE but he goes by his producer name DEF in the team. ØFFSHORE also created their official YouTube channel, so anyone interested, please subscribe to them as well.

There isn’t any announcement that JB is signing with any agency, but we will hope he will find a suitable one that will push him and point him to his dream.

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