GOT7’s Jinyoung thank Jackson, 2PM’s Junho and JYP 2nd division for the food truck

GOT7's Jackson and 2PM's Junho sent food truck to support Jinyoung while filming for When My Love Blooms

We have updates from Jinyoung through IG Story! He posted 3 images of him with a food truck sent to support him while filming When My Love Blooms.

Img 1296

GOT7’s Jackson and Jinyoung are close friends and fellow 94s with their line #wanggaeparkgae. I love seeing such interaction between members while they are individually working hard during their non-GOT7 promotion period.

Jackson also sent one while he is filming He is Psychometric last year.

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2PM’s Junho is close to Jinyoung as well, both are idol turn actor (still idol though). He sent one for When My Love Blooms this year and He is Psychometric last year.

Img 1298

2nd Division is the marketing department that is responsible for artist under JYP Entertainment such as GOT7, PD Park Jin Young and ITZY.

When My Love Blooms is a melo-romance drama by tvN and will be airing it’s first episode starting from 25 April 2020, every weekend.

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