GOT7’s Park Jinyoung pose for Noblesse Men Korea

After a successful wrapped for tvN’s drama The Devil Judge, GOT7’s Park Jinyoung team up with Tiffany & Co jeweler for Noblesse Men September/October Issue.

His interview with Noblesse Men covers his busy 2021, following the recently ended tvN drama The Devil Judge, the upcoming movie Yacha, and his music career.

Mentioned that he is living alone for 3 years now and is able to make meals and spend his time well. The unexpectedly busy 2021 was so hectic that he did not have time to take it in and now it is moving to Autumn.

Through his interview, Noblesse Men mentioned that his voice creates a sense of trust which explains why he was chosen to do voiceovers for audiobooks and an animated movie. Jinyoung replied that the members (GOT7) always joke around saying whatever he says sounds serious due to his low and deep tone of voice. He expressed his gratitude to his members and fans for supporting him during his tough time trying to cope with his busy schedule.

About his upcoming movie Yacha, Noblesse Men asked Jinyoung if there are any concerns about filming physically intensive scenes.
JY: Since the essence of the movie itself is very dynamic, there are many action scenes. It was fun because I had never experienced them before. At first, I thought the sounds of the gunshots would burst my eardrums, but I actually got used to it. Although I’m unfamiliar with action scenes, my body has gone through 10 years of dancing so there was no sense of foreignness. I think I adapted in no time.

When asked if he like the mountains, Jinyoung replied he prefers the sea more which explains why he released a song named Dive. He further added that the song was released at the hottest time of the year. Due to the pandemic, overseas activities are limited, therefore the song is really important to him and his fans.

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