GOT7’s Youngjae Officially Join Sublime Artist Agency

Choi Youngjae joins Sublime Artist Agency officially.

It is official! GOT7’s main vocal Choi Youngjae officially moved on from JYP Entertainment and join Sublime Artist Agency. Home to Rain, Song Kang Ho, EXID’s Hani and many more.

Sublime Artist Agency shared the news through their social media platform.

Youngjae subsequently posted the news on his Instagram with a message for his fans.

Hello, this is Youngjae. I will now be working with Sublime Artist Agency.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me up until now. Especially, I was happy to learn a lot from Producer Park Jin Young (PD-nim) that we spent 8 years together. I will cherish the precious memories that many people have given me and I will never forget how grateful I am.

As GOT7’s Youngjae and Choi Youngjae, I will continue to show you better sides of myself and various activities, so please look forward to it a lot.

And to our Ahgase!!! Thank you so much for always watching over me and supporting me. I love you.

– Youngjae
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