GS25 Collaborate with ZEROBASEONE for exclusive products

Zb1 X Gs25

Yes! You’re hearing and seeing right, the popular convenience store chain in South Korea, GS25 launched an exclusive collaboration with ZEROBASEONE recently. To be very aligned with the first ever comeback, 2nd Mini Album – MELTING POINT, the items are themed based on ‘MELTING’ elements.

From today onwards, you can find the ZEROBASEONE exclusive Melting Sandwich as well as red velvet cake from GS25 outlets. Instead of collecting the famous Pokemon stickers, we will be anticipating the members’ stickers in their represented animals along with the item.

Gs25 X Zb1 Nov 2023
Gs25 X Zerobaseone Sandwich
Gs25 X Zerobaseone 3

Dear zerose, are you collecting them?

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