IU unbox her own official merchandise on EDAM

[IU's Homebody signal] Unboxing April Merchandise with IU

After IU move to EDAM entertainment, I feel like i’ve been seeing her more on YouTube with the series [IU’s Homebody signal] (& I love it)! Previously she have announced that EDAM will be setting up an official site to sell her merchandise online.

Today, IU has all the items ready in front of her and she did an unboxing with viewers. Of course it is not easy to grab the official merchandise and you can check out the video of her doing the online shopping herself.

Not only she is amazed by the high quality and how the products turn out, she also show her slight disappointment with the acrylic keychain. Ended the video by sharing messages of international’s UAENA (IU’s fandom) messages.

One lucky winner is going to receive the entire box of April Merchandise.

Check out the video here

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