Life4Cut x 1theK collaborates with ZEROBASEONE

Zerobaseone For 4cut Live

Good news for international Zerose. From now till 9 August 2023, you can take photos with ZEROBASEONE members at the Life4Cuts machines around the world.

You can select based on your bias or take with groups within ZB1. Here are the sample templates you can anticipate from the machines.

  • Life4cuts X 1thek Zb1 Hanbin Ji Woong Zhang Hao
  • Life4cuts X 1thek Zb1 Matthew Taerae Ricky
  • Life4cuts X 1thek Zb1 Gyuvin Gunwook Yujin
  • Life4cuts X 1thek Zb1 Groups

Of course, the members did try out the photo booth while carrying a mission of getting in the frame. Before we go anywhere, here are their results.

Check out the chaotic yet fun video here

The machines are available in Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, the UK, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, and Taiwan.

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